Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bella Bracelets!!!

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of Bella Bracelets!

Just like the wooden wolf charm Jacob carved himself for Bella, this bracelet is a tribute to the graduation gift itself! A small hand carved wooden wolf charm was stained and sealed by me to match the color of the one Jacob gave Bella. It is accompanied by it's counterpart, a crystal heart - just as hard, cold, and utterly beautiful as Edward.

This bracelet measures just under 8". If you would like it to be 7" or 7 1/2" please make a note of that in "NOTES TO SELLER" at checkout.
The wolf charm measures about 1", and the swarovski crystal heart measures just over 1/2".

Here's an additional gift to you guys!!! All you have to do is FOLLOW THIS BLOG, or FAN MY FACEBOOK PAGE and include the code: "BLOG15" or "FACEBOOK15" (if you followed the blog, use "blog" if you fanned my facebook page, use "facebook") to receive 15% off your Bella Bracelet!!!

***The 15% will be refunded in paypal before the bracelet ships.

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