Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to Pennsylvania.

Well, the last four months have been long, eventful, interesting, painful, exciting, frightening, great, terrible, and all manner of emotions. At this moment I have not the words to express how the last four months made me feel, or how they have affected me.

Regardless, I am "home" now, in Pennsylvania. My trek carried me across the country to the deep south, Mississippi to be exact, and back again - up through Savannah, Georgia to visit a friend along the way- and back again to PA. For as much as I love traveling, the experience was heartbreaking. However, I will never forget it because it was an adventure, and adventurous people need adventures to survive happily. ;D

I did take away a lot of inspiration from the flood of emotions, sights and sounds. I don't think I can ever forget the Spanish moss that makes Savannah, Savannah. I will not forget the heat of Mississippi, or the torrential rainstorms. I won't forget the emotions, the blue skys, and the darkness sans streetlights at night. I won't forget how the stars shone bright, how you could see the Milky Way, or the little lizards that caught bugs outside my front door. I won't forget the farm, the turtle in the road that we saved, the tree frogs sitting on a paint can, the wedding, the prom, the movies, the apartment, the one-eyed cat, the tekken 5 fights, the time he spent in PA, New Hope, The Logan Inn, or anything else. I won't forget them, but I'm trying to remember them fondly, especially this last four months when everything went awry.

The emotions that make us human also give us great inspiration. This is something I will use to my benefit, and I am sure that there will be some interesting jewelry creations to follow. (:

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